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At Mister Flossy, we're more than just a dental care brand – we're a movement for confident smiles. We're based in Melbourne & our story began with a vision: to make dental care easy, effective, and enjoyable for everyone. We're on a mission to spread the message that a beautiful smile starts with good dental care, and our superhero electric water flosser is here to guide the way. Our flagship product, the portable water flosser, is a game-changer in the world of oral hygiene. Think of it as a "Teeth Pressure Washer" – a device designed to take care of your dental health. We've worked tirelessly to bring you the best dental flossers that will give you that extra edge in maintaining your dental health.

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  • We get that regular flossing can be a hassle and not so effective. That's why we've used technology to make flossing super easy. Mister Flossy our electric water flosser is the best dental flosser you'll ever try. Our pride and joy, the portable ultra water flosser, uses a combination of water pressure and pulsations to clean deep between your teeth and in those spots where regular brushing and regular flossing can't quite reach.

  • At Mister Flossy, we are dedicated to improving oral health not just in Australia, but worldwide. We do believe that a healthy smile is a powerful tool, and with our electric water flosser, we want to equip you to take control of your dental well-being.Our electric water flosser has been  designed to ensure it's not only effective but also easy to use. It's perfect for people of all ages and dental conditions. Whether you have braces, implants, or simply want to maintain a beautiful smile, our portable ultra water flosser is made for everyone! Moreover, the portable ultra water flosser is perfect for people with busy lifestyles. It's quick, efficient, and can be easily incorporated into your daily routine. Keep it on your bathroom counter and enjoy the benefits of a professional dental clean in the comfort of your home.

  • When you choose Mister Flossy, you're not just picking a brand; you're becoming part of something bigger. Our mission is to make taking care of your teeth easy and enjoyable for everyone. We believe that anyone can have a beautiful smile, and it all begins with good dental care. Our electric water flosser is the perfect tool for this. So if you're looking for a top-notch dental flosser to boost your oral care routine, look no further than Mister Flossy. Our mister flossy water flosser, also known as teeth pressure washer, is here to change the way you care for your teeth. Say farewell to old-school flossing and welcome the future of dental care. Join us on our journey to happier, healthier smiles. Make the switch to Mister Flossy today and see the positive impact for yourself. Your smile will love you for it.